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Bar Levkovitz, CEO, Chaka TechnologiesBar Levkovitz, CEO
When it comes to building security features, today’s corporate networks are akin to castles of medieval times. People in the medieval age built castles with multiple layers of defense—a moat, high walls, big gate, and guards. The concept resonates in the modern information security world: security features built into various layers of networking stacks are more effective than any other defense schemes. However, the security and business needs of each network are different, and it calls for customized solutions, designed and built for specific purposes. Service providers often tend to avoid the tedious task of customizing solutions and look to minimize cost overruns. An exception to this practice is ChakaTechnologies, Inc (ChakaTech). The company builds customized networks and deploys tailored cyber security solutions to suit clients’ specific needs.

An information technology consulting firm, ChakaTech designs, deploys, monitors, and provides support for high-end secure networks. In addition, it offers wireless infrastructure solutions for different markets. Bar Levkovitz, CEO, adds, “We work in a niche segment and have unique proficiencies; our solutions are specifically targeted for the higher end of spectrum of corporate and private networks.”

A Pioneer in Networking Space

As Mobility, Cloud, and Augmented reality technologies take a turn for the better, the demand for high-speed, secure, and resilient networks is unprecedented. It also presents a unique challenge to the networking industry. With close to three decades of networking expertise, the team at ChakaTech is well positioned to take on the challenge head on. The company’s internal processes designed around the "evolving market demand" empower it to design and deploy innovative solutions.

Network design is ChakaTech’s forte. Going by its tagline, "Simply better networks," ChakaTech offers best-of-breed networking solutions to its clients. It designs corporate and private networks from the ground up. From network monitoring to support, the company offers differentiated products and solutions to address various market segments. It uses market leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products and combines them with its proven network design methodologies to deliver rock solid wireline and wireless networks. It also re-designs existing client networks whenever needed. In addition, it uses QA tools to verify that Wi-Fi networks and access points are optimized as well as not compromised to cyber security attacks.

ChakaTech understands that each customer is different, and therefore, the first priority of the company is to understand the client’s network, wireless and data security requirements as dictated by the type of business or environment they run, their operating environment, Internet of things (IoT) integration requirements and end-user needs. Based on these factors, the company devises a multi-layer protection and synchronized security strategy to ensure a protected network environment. Levkovitz states, “Our approach is to focus on different layers of networking stack and build security features on each one of them.” A multi-level protection approach covers security appliances and the accompanying software, including firewalls, switching and routing software, and end-user devices. Often, malicious attacks take place when systems are not protected or security subscriptions are not renewed on time. ChakaTech’s subscription renewal service comes to the rescue by ensuring that all the deployed license subscriptions are automatically renewed on time.

ChakaTech assures optimal performance from routers, switches, cables, wireless controllers and access points, and end-point devices. It uses various Wi-Fi tuning applications to ensure wireless coverage is flawless at different points. Using Power-over-Ethernet (POE) load calculations, power consumption meters ensure that the UPS and power backup scheme are optimal. The company also undertakes re-designing of existing networks and builds networks that seamlessly connect across multiple buildings. Levkovitz adds, “Our clients don’t have to worry about their network, as we continuously monitor it and take proactive steps when needed.”

Seasoned professionals at ChakaTech have extensive domain expertise, having successfully completed many certification courses in networking and security domain. Augmenting it with Levkovitz’s own 27 years of networking experience, the company has consistently delivered custom rock-solid networks based on client needs. The company helps its clients to understand the reasons they would need a secure and high-end network to handle ever-increasing workload and how it adds value to their environment. It even goes on to explain to clients the difference it makes to have a high-end network as compared to a basic network.

ChakaTech works in a niche segment and has unique proficiencies; the company’s solutions are specifically targeted to the higher end of the corporate networks

It provides insights into the network vulnerabilities and helps clients leverage the benefits of a secure network.

Network Security to Safeguard Corporate Assets

Securing valuable corporate and private data from hackers, viruses, spyware, ransomware, espionage, and employee intrusions should be the prime focus of any business or private network. ChakaTech knows the ways to build defense shields against all these vulnerabilities. It deploys impenetrable firewalls, secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Multi-platform Managed Virus Protection, Anti-Malware, Anti-Ransomware, and Intrusion Detection systems in client networks. Real-time security audits and assessments, content filtering, and computer and mobile activity monitoring ensures that preventive measures are completely functional. ChakaTech also deploys employee-monitoring systems to protect the networks from within.

ChakaTech uses specialized audit tools to perform regular security assessments and train users on internet vulnerabilities, perform simulated attacks and phishing techniques.

In addition, it offers synchronized cloud-based security tools and software. Cloud Computing solutions comes with virtual servers, virtual backup, disaster recovery, security management, and monitoring of appliances, with 24/7 network operation support. Levkovitz explains, “Being proactive, we are always ahead of the curve, and we often devise solutions long before our customers approach us.” The company has collaborated with several leading digital security companies to serve clients that demand virtual cyber security features.

ChakaTech never compromises on quality, using advanced switches, routers/firewalls and other networking equipment from leading manufacturers. Innovative designs and unmatched support during the implementation phase ensures that the transition involves no downtime. All the data center and network elements - desktops, Macs, Printers, Wi-Fi access points, switches, routers, firewalls, IoT and UPS devices - are monitored for critical parameters such as CPU load, memory usage, temperature, core heat and humidity to bring about a synergy and total control over network operations.

Partnering for Success

Incepted nearly a decade ago, this Southern California based firm started out as an IT outsourcing company. However, with his previous experience in enterprise level networks, Bar Levkovitz wanted to bring about the same kind of robustness in small and medium-sized networks. His knowledge and zeal to excel guided the company to work with some of the most innovative and market-leading vendors in wireless, networking and security domains. ChakaTech boasts its success on its engaging partnerships with leading vendors and manufacturers. Partnerships with hardware manufacturers, data security and cloud vendors, and a host of other related companies have only deepened over the years.

For switching needs, the company maintains close partnerships with CISCO and Brocade. In the security arena, the company collaborates with Sophos, a highly innovative security products company that delivers high-end technologies which emphasize synchronized security with EndPoint devices, Servers, mobile devices, Email, and encryption. ChakaTech also provides enterprise level firewalls from Sophos. Wireless solutions are based on Ruckus Wireless technologies, a worldwide leading vendor in wireless domain.

Understandably, simply deploying leading products does not ensure an efficient network. When it comes to load balancing, Class-Of-Service (COS) requirements, or specific security protocols, the company analyzes many other aspects before designing a network. Some of the parameters include: the specification of switching and routing equipment, the number and type of access points, and the type of security solution needed based on client demands and requirements. “We work closely with our partners; our success can be attributed to our successful partnerships with them.”

The company is also a member of CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association). ChakaTech is working with the top Home Automation companies in California. Our experience with building secured wire and wireless networks combined with their expertise provides the client with an unmatched end product. Levkovitz adds “an example is our partnership with Robert’s Home Audio and Video. In the last 5 years, we have deployed over 400 client networks as the backbone and infrastructure for their Home Automation and Audio Video environments.”

ChakaTech views Cloud as the future of data center and networking. Today, network designs from the company flawlessly amalgamate public Clouds with on-premise deployments. In fact, all the monitoring services offered by the company are cloud based. The company works with cloud deployed systems hosted on cloud service providers such as Amazon and ProfitBricks. “Our expertise in cloud deployments places us as a leading player in this growing and premium networking space,” expounds Levkovitz.

Spotlight on Network Security

During his journey in building ChakaTech, Levkovitz has also realized that finding a truly dedicated IT professional is much more difficult than getting a new client. Obviously, the company owes a lot of its success to its dedicated professionals. It conducts technical interviews throughout the year, looking for the best and the brightest IT professionals. ChakaTech has built an advanced networking lab to train its professionals on issues seen on customer networks.

Over the years, ChakaTech has grown many fold by building trust among its customers. Now, as the threat of cyber security breaches looms large, ChakaTech has put its utmost focus and resources on building network security features. It is working hard to secure the networks of its 500 estimated clients. The company is also actively researching on evolving threats and counter measures. Levkovitz explains, “As 99.99 percent of mobile devices, or a large percentage of computing devices (example: Macs and tablets), do not have any sort of security, one of our immediate goals is to deploy security solutions on all layers of the end users’ devices.” By maintaining an unwavering focus on client success, ChakaTech continues to grow organically by designing innovative networks and deploying high security technologies.
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