ATMECS: Trusted Partner in Managing Emerging IT Challenges

Venkatesa Viswanathan,  VP - Delivery, ATMECSVenkatesa Viswanathan, VP - Delivery
The rise and infiltration of cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things bring with them opportunities and obstacles to CIOs and other stakeholders of modern-day organizations. Well positioned to cater to such industry personnel is ATMECS, a technology company that provides Product Engineering, QA Automation, Cloud Infrastructure, Data and Market Research services.

Fuelled by its DNA—Aspire, Think, Manage, Engage, Create and Succeed—ATMECS works extensively on tackling the key pain points of cloud governance and IT automation. Many organizations struggle with compliance issues while working with cloud solution providers because there is no established governance model, which can identify future risks and provide remediation. ATMECS focuses on institutionalizing the process of cloud governance— from initiation to assessment, transformation, and implementation as well as continuous improvement.

In addition, ATMECS helps with the implementation of a self-healing framework for infrastructure monitoring. Many IT infrastructure operations set up a Network Operation Center (NOC), which is labor intensive and is prone to error. Building “self-healing” around the entire IT infrastructure right from the day one eliminates errors by taking auto-corrective action and cuts labor cost.

ATMECS works with several Fortune 500 companies and adopts the role of a Trusted Partner by providing value-based service.

We invest in building an innovative and thinking culture, and are passionate about leveraging technology to solve business problems

Venkatesa Viswanathan, VP of ATMECS, points out “ATMECS believes in building a long-standing relationship as a Trusted Partner providing seamless experience for our customers.” They invest heavily in performing due diligence within the customer environment and identify the areas of improvement and enable Business transformation.

ATMECS also collaborates with many external infrastructure vendors and provides highly scalable infrastructure enabling a seamless experience for its customers.

ATMECS have been providing laser sharp solutions to clients through its focus on automation. One such case was a global IT company dealing with identifying missing links in the customer’s engineering life cycles where the previous vendors could not provide any semblance of support towards reducing the cost of services. ATMECS was able to provide an accelerated framework for test automation in a very short span of time that enabled the customer to adopt the framework for their testing needs, thereby drastically reducing their testing duration. This also ensured elimination of potential errors in manual testing, which was executed on the “state of art” infrastructure.

Within a short span of time, ATMECS has captured the attention of International Corporations and has successfully established a partnership with Amazon, Rackspace, Openstack, VMware, Cloudera among others. Ravi Velagapudi, President of ATMECS, aims to build a value-based organization under the leadership of insightful leaders who have been the driving force for its success.

Continuing the same momentum, ATMECS is embarking on a new venture to expand its service across APAC beginning with Singapore to support its operation in the region. ATMECS is also looking to expand its operation out in Europe to provide a global operation. With such clear vision guided by the understanding that technology should always follow business and not the other way around, ATMECS continues to channelize their passion towards their customers’ needs. “What is important is understanding the requirements of the business and applying technology to address Business challenges,” asserts Viswanathan.
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Venkatesa Viswanathan, VP - Delivery

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