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Oriel Rechtman, CEO, ITatOnceOriel Rechtman, CEO
On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy’s landfall on New York marked an unprecedented event in the city’s history. One of the law firms was among 90,000 buildings stranded in an inundated zone. Though the disaster called for every office to vacate their workplaces, the business had to continue. Each of the lawyers in the firm was connected through a single data center that allowed them to work from remote locations and backed up all the data in real time. The data center employed by the law firm saved their work and allowed business continuity under the unsaid catastrophe. Datacenters enable company to maintain continuity during unforeseen events and save an organization from potential loss. Delivering managed services to enterprises with proprietary cloud infrastructure, ITatOnce –a San Diego based managed service provider– allows organizations to run business smoothly by providing services from help desk to high end IT projects.

ITatOnce develops its own cloud infrastructure and has built in disaster recovery and business resilience in its solution. The solution eliminates the need for client to make any investment in hardware, software, or IT providers. Also hosting a variety of vertical applications, the company supports different kinds of applications in different fields such as Legal, Healthcare, and Accounting, On- Line Sales and Retail. With the cloud environment created by ITatOnce, it is easy to scale up and down creating a ‘pay as use type of environment’.

Going by the mantra ‘productivity is dependent on connectivity’, ITatOnce pioneers in solutions for cloud and white label environment

The team at ITatOnce also ensures security of data, featuring services that provide systematic data centers. There is rising fear in the interconnected world of data getting breached, ITatOnce hence makes sure that data is kept within the boundary of the country it belongs to. ITatOnce offers two levels of security in the cloud environment such as data protection and security breach compliancy. Within the data security, a sophisticated firewall is created that prevents people from breaching the data.

With a clientele of small and medium sized companies, ITatOnce offers data storage that increases with a push of a button and annihilates the need by the clients to monitor the environment with its 24*7*365 NOC Monitoring at the various data centers it operates.

Besides, ITatOnce also proffers IT consulting services to corporations who need to work on projects and solutions that they provide to their clients. Bringing in stability with innovation, the solutions delivered by ITatOnce are scalable, high-end and sophisticated. The solutions include Disaster Recovery in real-time with high availability and redundancy to ensure minimal disruption to businesses. This high availability need is growing in demand with the rise in online real time platforms, businesses that cannot afford to be down or lose any data. The ITatOnce team also helped one of its major client re-route the server traffic and shut down a major DDoS attack within three hours.

Going by the mantra ‘productivity is dependent on connectivity’, ITatOnce pioneers in solutions for cloud and white label environment. “We provide really hands on service with our clients, we talk on a personal level, we respond in less than 20 minutes which is faster than other companies in the industry, responsiveness and fast resolution are the two features we have that I am really proud of, ” says Oriel Rechtman, CEO at ITatOnce. Looking at the future journey it wants to follow, ITatOnce aims to grow through mergers and acquisitions alongside expanding its geography in European community. The team at ITatOnce believes that in a couple of years, they will become one of the major players in the industry.
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Oriel Rechtman, CEO

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